Get your Windows 8 Start menu back with Pokki

December 15 2012 14:33
Windows 8 Start Menu by Pokki
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The Windows 8 Start screen might be a good user interface for tablets and other touchscreen devices, but a keyboard and a mouse is what most of us will use to get stuff done with our computer, either it is touchscreen or not. Also, the lack of Start menu in Windows 8 can slow you down when you're trying to quickly access all your apps, recent documents, etc. This is where Pokki comes to the rescue...

Pokki provides a Start menu replacement for Windows 8, as well as an option to bypass the Start screen and land directly on the desktop when you log in.

Pokki is free and has been recommended for a while now by various tech blogs such as The Verge, TechCrunch, etc.

Windows 8 Start Menu by Pokki