A new Canadian citizen - made in Belgium

August 15 2014 10:14
I officially became a Canadian citizen
I officially became a Canadian citizen

20 years ago this month, my wife Sara arrived in Belgium as a Canadian exchange student... On Friday I officially became a Canadian citizen - made in Belgium, eh... :-)


Quand même une chemise ;-)

Youplaboum! Félicitations mec :-) La route fut piégeuse mais comme dit le dicton Bonlézien: Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre.

Bravoooooooooooo coco ! ça c'est fait! \o/

Happy you !!

Congratulations Oli! Reward yourself with a beer and some poutine!

Wahoo Oli! Congrats!

Fantastic! Congrats Oli!

That's awesome Oli

Bravo le ol! À bientôt :-)

Right on!

Yeah, now you can come visit Portland!

Génial. Félicitations!!!

Congrats Olivier!!


20ans déjà?! Pppffff, ca ne nous rajeunit pas tt ca! Congrats! :-)

Congrats ;-)

Sweeet :-)

YAY! So happy for you oli. :-)

Woohoo! Congrats Olivier!

Bravo !!!

Bravo, tu vas pouvoir casser du bébé phoque ;-)

I remember very well when Sara went in that adventure! Congrats on becoming Canadian!! Welcome to the family!

Thanks everyone! Feels great to have finally checked that box off my life to-do list. I'm proud to be a Belgo-Canadian... :-)

We are so proud too! Bravo Mr Orange, tu avais un bon voisin lors du test? ;-)


Canada is lucky to have you as a citizen!!