Velofix: a mobile bike proshop that helps you save time and ride more

September 6 2014 13:29
Velofix logo

Do you have a bike? Do you want to have it serviced/tuned up, and don't have the time to drop it of at your local bike shop for a few days? Velofix comes to the rescue...

Velofix is a mobile bike proshop that comes to you and works on your bike, on-site. Velofix can handle all bike types: commuter, road, mountain, triathlon, cyclocross, etc. Various pre-set service packages are available, as well as a la carte service. Depending on what you're asking for, the appointment is about 2 hours long, and your bike is ready to go for a ride. If your bike requires special parts or requires a lot of work, Velofix can also pick it up, bring it to their shop for a few days, then drop it off back to your place once they are done with it.

I've recently tried Velofix for my mountain bike and was really happy with the overall experience: easy online booking, pro mechanic, great service...

Check out the Velofix website