Sara vient de remettre sa thèse de doctorat

04/11/2013 - 18:06

Sara vient de remettre sa thèse de doctorat - 164 pages, 4 ans de recherche, 4 publications scientifiques, et 3461 tasses de café plus tard... Et après la défense finale en Janvier 2014, je vais pouvoir appeler ma femme "Docteur" ;-)

Inutile de dire que je suis extrêmement fier d'elle!


So awesome Sara! We're all so proud of you!

We are also extremely proud of you Sara!

So proud of you!!! im so sorry i didnt congratulate you yesterday. see you tomorrow!! big hugs!!

Woot woot! Nice work Dr. Dubois. Love you.

Congratulations Sara!! What an amazing accomplishment!


Me too. Way to go Sara!

Bravo Sara toutes nos félicitations ;-)

Way to go cousin!!

Nous sommes supers fiers de toi Sara!! bravo pour ce beau parcours, et bravo à ton plus fidèle supporter aussi ;-)

Félicitations Sara, Savoure ce moment exceptionnel !!! BISOUS

Wouhouiiiiii !!!! Splendide !!!!

Vivement la défense en janvier !

Toujours une etape sensible.

Awesome congrats:)

La claaaasse!

This is wonderful! Congrats!!

Very proud of you Sara!

Defense! Defense! Right on Sara. ;-)

Congratulations Sara!!!

Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement – it's been a long road but well worth it! Looking forward to having more time to spend with family and friends (especially my supportive hubby) as of 2014...

Congrats Sara!

So proud of you!!! Always knew you could do it, Dr. Dubois does have a certain ring to it. Love you Mom and Dad

Words do not adequately express the feeling mom and I have of all you have accomplished in the short time you have been part of our lives... we are so, so lucky to have anyone think that we have somehow inspired your work ethic, devotion and passion in all you do... you are your own woman and we love you more then we can express

Awesome Sara! Amazing Sara! Looking forward to calling you Dr. Amazing Sara. :-)


Pleased to meet you Dr Dubois... Congrats!!!