I passed my Canadian citizenship test

May 27 2014 10:04
Keep calm and pass that Canadian citizenship test

On Tuesday May 27, I took my Canadian citizenship exam, I scored 20/20 on the test, which is better than any exam from my high school years ;-)

I'm not Canadian just yet, but it's pretty close... eh...


So how did it go???

Yes, how did it go ?!

Oui, how did it go !?!?!

Mais quel champion ce Ol! Suis fier de toi :-)

T'as triché biquet?

Congrats Oli!

Félicitations Oli... bisous à vous 5

Was it just a rotation of answers? Beer, bacon, Tim Hortons and Maple Syrup.

LOL! Congrats Olivier!

J'ai toujours su que tu n'étais pas belge! Félicitations Ol! Un f****** exam en moins! :-)


Yeah, soon you can visit Portland without having to stop at the border and be fingerprinted.


Bet you I wouldn't pass it! Well done!

Thanks everyone! Feels great to have passed the test, as it is the last step before being invited to a ceremony during which I will take the oath of citizenship in a few months...
But let’s be clear, becoming Canadian in a few months will not change my Belgian view on “poutine”, which is, in my opinion, a waste of Belgian fries! ;-)

I only got 99/100 when I went for my Australian Citizenship and they let me stay, so, eh, they will probably let you stay in Canada with a 20/20.

Bravo et ton parrain demande si tu vas pour autant arrêter la bière Belge et les Spéculoos...