It's official... I'm getting old...

August 18 2013 14:09

It's official... I'm getting old... and I just got a sweet new pair of reading glasses to prove it... ;-)


Ça te va plutôt bien vieil homme :-)

Merci merci Belette ;-)

joli joli

OK, and I said: Is there even glass in those frames? ;-)

You got me on that one Scott... you're right... there aren't any lenses on those frames... it's just a hipster fashion statement! ;-)

waouw, tu parles trop bien anglais :-P

Non pas vraiment Dom... j'utilise Google Translate... ;-)

Vive le Google Translate!

Looking very intellectual (and older of course)

Thanks Jo... I'm glad to see that my disguise is working... ;-)

But, you don't look like... you're exactly the same guy i used to know when we were teens... :-)

Elle est sympa cette photo! :-)